Saturday, 23 November 2013

Arrival of Pre-Order Stuff (Partial)

I went to the meet-up point today to pick up the purchase I made from MTH some weeks back.

I was disappointed with them for not bringing me the 0.5" foam squares.
The lady informed me that it's available on Friday and today, I was told that it has not arrived.
What the crap is this?! It's not the first that they screw up my order.
The other time, I purchased a glitter pen which is clear but they pass me a black instead.
I took it home anyway as I didn't want my trip to be wasted. =(

This is the focal point of me making a trip to the meet-up point today.
I am so going to make some Christmas cards!!!

I hope your Saturday went well so far...

Right now, I'm patiently waiting for 3 x small parcels for my Filo... I'll blog about it once I get them. =)

Dreamy C

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