Monday, 18 November 2013

Detox Program

Today's the 14th day of my detox program and I've lost 2kg so far. I know I've lost noticeable weight as people in my life tells me so.

It's no joke going into this detox program. Both breakfast and dinner are replaced with a shake. I'm only allowed a 'proper' meal for lunch and even that comes with lots of restriction. Take a look!

Till date, I've not seen any changes except for my weight. I still poo once in 2 days. I'm surprised though that I'm still able to swim at least 10 laps on Saturday morning. I thought I would be lethargic and having no energy to go through it but I was wrong.

Let's see how I feel when I'm done with this program. The last day would be this Sunday for me.

It's advisable to do a detox once every 6 months.

Do you also follow some detox programs?

Dreamy C

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