Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Exercise As Usual During Detox Program - No Joke!

I went exercising yesterday evening. Being on this detox program is no joke! Before I start this program, I usually do 1 x round of brisk walking followed by 5 x rounds of interval training, ending with 1 x round of brisk walking. 

Yesterday, I could only do 1 x round brisk walking followed by 3 x rounds interval training and ending with 3 x rounds of brisk walking. After 3 x rounds of interval training, pain could be felt around my stomach area. That’s why I stopped and switched to brisk walking instead. 

The doctor did say that it's perfectly alright to exercise as usual while on the detox program. I wonder if I should stick to what she says...

I think I'm better off doing just brisk walking for now...

Dreamy C

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