Sunday, 17 November 2013

Another Purchase from The US, With 2 Cards Following...

My 2nd parcel from U.S.A. arrived recently! So excited... I've made a few cards with some stuff. Let me first show you what I bought.

This adhesive is only 4mm in width!
How can I not get refills for it?! I got a total of THREE (3) refills!

I had wanted to get it in natural but it was out of stock.
Hence, I settled for this. I think it is Ivory.
I didn't quite like it now that I see it for myself as this thread frays.

One of the basics every card maker needs is of course PAPER!
I got a few types. 2 types of brands in white, 1 in kraft, 1 with wood grain texture to it & 1 really thick paper so I can use my copic markers and it wouldn't bleed through. ^^

Masking Tape, loving it so far...

Very versatile stamp

Can you see the letters?
Sorry for the glare.
I got it in white so it can be flexible as I can color it to the color that I want eventually.

Dies, loving it so far especially the Merry Christmas one.
Christmas is just next month!

And these are the cards that I made with some of the supplies received.

I didn't like this card initially but as I look at it, I realized that the liking grows.

This is the 2nd card I made. It flips!
I put some stickles on the word - Merry Christmas.

That's all for me today. Wishing you a Blessed Sunday!!!

Dreamy C

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