Saturday, 23 November 2013

My Birthday Approaching...

I don't really like celebrating my birthdays. Not that it reminds me that I'm getting older but right after PSLE, the feeling of celebrating it isn't around anymore. In fact, I don't even want people to celebrate it for me. Hence, if possible, I would like to be away from Singapore come by birthday but come every year, it isn't happening.

Anyway, that's a side track. Now, let's come to the main body. I had wanted to say that I've given myself a birthday present by buying stuff for my Filo. Let's take a look...

I had wanted to go to Popular and get my Pilot Hi-Tec Coleto pen together with refills. Before that, I stepped foot into Artbox. Less than 30 minutes, I'm close to 200 bucks poorer! But I'm pretty happy with my purchase!

Washi Tapes
Before these, I've only 3 x solid 1cm width washi and 9 other floral and polka dot washi. I find my collection pathetic and hence, purchase these to add to it.

How can 1 live w/o stickers for their Filo?
Don't even ask how many there are in here...
You can't do a proper count as I didn't separate them.

I see, I take, I put on counter, I pay.
There are other patterns but I thought 1 doesn't need TOO many of these.
We'll see...

Just look at that chicken! I almost faint on the spot when I saw it.
You don't understand... I'm born in the Year of the Rooster.
Those magnet clips there? I was looking ALL over for them.
I found them online but none too cute to resist. I'm glad I didn't buy on impulse.
These are MUCH cuter!

Hello Kitty... *heart melts*
I went crazy when I was shown these babies by the SA.
Only 2 designs I like. *disappointed that there aren't many to choose from*

I actually purchased 5 of these. I gave 2 to my helper and I was having 1 on myself.
Hence, you only see 2 here. The other colors were light pink, blue and a black and white.

I'm VERY VERY happy with my purchase today... *easily satisfied*

I don't have a photo here but I bought a total of 9 different colors for my Pilot Hi-tec Coleto pens. Popular only carries those holding 3 x slots each. I bought 3 x barrels which gave me a total of 9 slots.

Dreamy C

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