Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Random Post

My helper really has the heart for the kiddos... They love muffins and the ones sold near where I stay are really tiny and there's never enough for the rascals. What is a helper to do? Bake some!

Flavors:Chocolate, Banana with Pecan (requested by me) & Blueberry (requested by me as it's my favorite!)

The last day of my detox program is Sunday and this week Monday, I started to implement some of the 'forbidden' food into my life, such as Oyster Sauce, Teriyaki Sauce and Grapes. Yes, I cannot take grapes if I were doing the detox program. I'm going to take a short break and start on another round of detox come 15th December 2013. Technically, one has to detox once in 6 months but this one, it's perfectly alright to do it once in a couple of months. It's not like those detox where you consume apple juice the entire day for a few days. I think to be able to have 3 meals is kinder towards my body.

I went exercising today. 10 x rounds (370 meters per round) of brisk walking and slow jog for 240 meters. I forgot my watch so I've no idea how much time was taken.

This is dinner - Chicken Stew

I need to quickly finish up the Oyster Sauce at home before I begin my next detox so my helper don't have to buy anymore.

I'm thinking of getting myself an A5 Filofax. The only catch is that I cannot find the one I want with the diary notes intact. So far, I found one but it comes with just the binder for 60 pounds. I'm actually looking for a Raspberry Chameleon in A5. Should I patiently wait or should I just pay 60 pounds for a 'naked' one? Hmmm... I find the personal size well...too small. I can't write as much as I want to. I need to get an A5 size for work. That will be stationed permanently in the office. I currently have the Pink Finsbury in Personal and I love it. I just need a bigger one for work.

I hope you had a fabulous Wednesday so far... 

Dreamy C

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