Thursday, 11 April 2013

Something Special for the Little Fella...

Who's the little kiddo? My 3 years plus Ginger White feline who was rescued from Kaki Bukit Industrial area.

I got him some tidbits, LOADS in fact. His Granny complained that it's too hard for him. She said he don't even bite them and that he swallowed them whole. I almost want to faint on the spot. So hard up for tidbits meh? Didn't I treat you well enough? There's no shortage of tidbits for this little fella.

I went to Pet Lovers Centre for an exchange. I thought I'll exchange it for the usual crab and prawn strips that Ah Lick likes so much and in a way, wouldn't spend as much on tidbits for him. Mind you, I spend more than $50 each month on tidbits alone. This Ah Lick... Tsk tsk tsk...

Then, my eyes did me no good. I saw something which seemed delicious from the package.

Beef & Blueberry Delight
Finally! Ah Lick can have some 'steak'!

NZ Wild Fish
Honestly, I only got this for him to try. Doesn't sound fascinating so I only got 1 packet. 
The rest, I got 2 packets each.

NZ Manuka Glazed Lamb
Wah... Even the human doesn't get to eat such stuff often...

NZ King Salmon
This is no biggie but since Ah Lick's a Salmon Lover, I don't mind getting extras.

I'm going to hand them to the Granny this Saturday and see which are his favourites. Total of 6 packets cost me 63 bucks by the way. This is after deducting the hard tidbits I brought for exchange. The hard tidbits cost close to 8 bucks so technically speaking, these 6 packets of tidbits would have cost me 71 bucks.

Now let me go take a breather... Don't judge me now. I LOVE my Ah Lick!

Dreamy C

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