Friday, 12 April 2013

Feeling the Urge & So I Stayed Up Late...

At this hour, I'm usually asleep. I told J that I felt like creating some cards and so here I am!

A Peter Rabbit B'day Card

A Benjamin Bunny B'day Card

A Cupcake Card
I did some dry embossing of the cupcake. Not sure if you can see it.

Every handmade card takes time no matter how simple it looks. Time taken to think of the design followed by colors then the work itself. Seeing it all done up makes me happy, no matter how much time and effort taken to complete the card. 

I've no choice but to sell the cards at the end of the day. Even if I have a big circle of friends, which I don't in real life, I can't possibly be sending cards everyday. My close friends are not beyond number 5. Pathetic? I doubt it. One doesn't need many friends. A few close ones will do just fine. 

My other blog address is Most likely, I'll post the photos of my cards in both blog but just in case you missed any, you can always see the complete collection in the new blog i.e. Why D C? I'm sure you've by now figured that it stands for Dreamy C. Heh heh...

Till next time, this is...

Dreamy C

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