Tuesday, 30 April 2013


J & I went to JB last month.

Nasi Istimewa
J said it's nice. I'm beginning to think that ALL fried rice is nice to him. >.<

My Ayam Penyat
It's Bleh... Chicken's dry like nobody's business. Disappointing!

The following photos are taken from a visit to Fish Head Steamboat Keng @ Balestier Road.


Bitter Gourd with Black Beans
SpongeBob SquarePants ordered this and it turned out well!

I ordered this - Xia Jiang Ji (Prawn Paste Chicken)
Frankly speaking, this is by far THE BEST prawn paste chicken I've tasted!
It taste so good, it haunt my mind for the next few days.

Today, J & I went to Au Petit Salut to celebrate his b'day!

Duck Foie Gras
Nice. I like it.
J & I each chose this as our appetizer.
I forgo my Escargot as it's still served on a bone marrow. Not my kind of thing.

His Main - Lamb Shoulder
The lamb is tender. He likes it.
Me? I'm not a lamb lover. The only lamb I like is Mutton Rendang!

My Main - Bavette Beef
I had this few months back. This time round, the beef is slightly on the salty side.

J & I chose the same dessert!
Farm House cheese and Walnut Bread
If you like cheese, you'll like this. If not, you won't. 
Me? I like my cheese and so I like this.

Feeling full now. I ate all these food @ Au Petit Salut with a glass of Chablis, Year 2010. Good white wine. Full and happy. Where's my bed?

Dreamy C

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