Tuesday, 9 April 2013


I'm just wondering... What are stay home Mommies busy with? Perhaps when their kid(s) are still young, they are busy with educating them not just academically but also building their foundation, setting their character right etc. It's a never ending job in my opinion. Stay home Mommies are on call, within reach, 24/7. That's a tough job. I'd rather work for people and go home after work and relax. That is IF I don't have any kid. Well, technically speaking, I'm doing that now. Would I want a kid? Honestly, I've mixed feelings.

I want a kid so I've a companion when I get older but I wonder if my child (who will be an adult by then) will spend time with me when I'm old and frail. Most youngsters don't even want to go out with their parents during the weekends in their teens. When they grow up to be young adults, they have friends, gaming, entertainment, partner etc. to attend to. Who cares for the Mommy at home??? My child might even kick me out of the house or try to bullshit me with my money. Very depressing...

I guess having a kid is a joy but is that joy everlasting? No. At the end of the day, I'll most probably end up alone with or without kid. I'm not all optimistic when it comes to having kids yet at the same time, there's a desire within me. I guess it's my womanhood acting up when one reaches a certain age. It's now or never so why not give it a gamble? If it all turns out good, brilliant for me! If it turns out otherwise, can one bear enough courage to pack and leave their child behind? I mean, when your child (now an adult) comes to you saying, "Mommy, I made a girl pregnant and you've to help me as I've barely any savings for myself let alone raising a family. That means, we have to stay with you, not give you rent and you've to help care for our baby and you've to provide accommodation and food for us." Well, the wordings might change but I'm sure you get my drift. By then, I'm just done raising up my child to be a working adult and now, I'm laid with another burden - raising up my grandchild.

Not to forget, all the sacrifices women make for their kids even before they're born! The body change, breasts start to sag, face sag, hair loss, extra tummy bulge, bigger waistline, bigger butt, pain, agony, weird cravings, vomit, huge weight to be carried around for months, cramps, frequent toilet visits, bigger nipples etc. Bearing a kid? HUGE sacrifice!!! All the kiddos out there, APPRECIATE YOUR MOMMIES MORE THAN YOUR DADDIES!!! I'm serious!

Alright... enough scaring you. Ha ha... To all the women who are preggy now, CONGRATS! I've a few preggy women now and I'm very, very happy for them. Me? Preggy? I leave it to God. I'm done being hopeful every month only to be dampened and feeling disappointed and sorry for myself. Yes, despite all the negatives, I still would like a kid of my own but if it ain't coming in my life, I'm be alright.

Dreamy C

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