Saturday 6 April 2013

Hard to Part with Nail Polishes

Over the last year, I've accumulated a number of nail polishes. As I get myself involved with card making, I can't afford to keep my fingernails long. It just makes the job tougher. It makes picking up embellishments harder, takes more effort and more time required. Yesterday, I made a decision to sell my nail polishes in a flea market. The idea is to sell them today starting at 12.30p.m. @ Scape.

During the process of getting them out from the drawer, it pains my little heart. Some are still brand new, some I've hardly touched. In summary, they're not even 1/4 used. Each bottle holds beautiful colors, colors that I handpicked myself and liked very much. That's the reason why I purchased them in the 1st place! In the end, I ended up with 4 miserable bottles which I allow myself to part. Which sane person would especially make their way down to town and sell these 4 bottles??? Moreover, pitiful quantity is harder to garner sufficient passer-by to take a look at them.

In the end, I put them all back to where they came from. I promised myself that I'm going to use them more often but we all know that's a lie. *winks* Enough talk! Show you the stuff!

From left to right
Total of 17 x OPI bottles
Please ignore the last right bottle as that's from The Face Shop

These were from The Face Shop

These were purchased randomly
1st bottle from left is from Revlon

These were from Chanel
Yes, I wanted to part with these too INITIALLY. I was in a mad state of mind
1 was so tough to get hold of and I only got it during my trip to Bangkok

These were from NARS
1 of them looks so beautiful. I did a post before

So you see my friend, beautiful colors. How to part? If only I can close my eyes and throw them all into a bag and make my way to Scape. *sighs* Agonies of being a woman. Ha ha...

Dreamy C

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