Saturday, 6 April 2013

Part II of Card Making

Another part of my hobby. Enjoy...

This card is secured with a brad

Butterfly - Heat Embossing

Flower 'pops' up and not lying flat on card

This folding card is secured with a pink brad

Vellum Paper

I paste a white pc of card stock at the back so it can act as a postcard

Blue paper on top of a vellum

Birds 'pop' up

I've a few Christmas cards on hand. Will post shortly.

I'm meeting up a church staff this Sunday. If she accepts my plan, I'll be busy making Christmas cards for the next few months. Since I'm able to create some cards with the machines and materials on hand, I've decided to put it into good use. Make some cards, pass to the church and they sell it. The proceeds? Go to the church. I only want to do my part of contribution. ^^

Dreamy C

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