Thursday, 11 April 2013

12 Cupcakes

It's my 1st time. You can say it's my virgin visit to Twelve Cupcakes yesterday evening. I know, I know... they've been around for a couple of years and you probably have tried most if not all of their flavors. Well, there's always the 1st time. Opened by Jamie Teo and Daniel Ong. 1 a Ms. Singapore in the 90's I think and the other, a radio DJ. Husband and wife with a young daughter. I was both shocked and delighted when I saw their shop in lo and behold, Bishan Junction 8! Price is pretty steep for a cupcake. I got the trio set for 9 bucks, giving me $3 for each cupcake. What's the hype about? I try...

From Left to Right
Oreo, Red Velvet and 'I can no longer remember the name'

I've tried the Oreo and Red Velvet. I had them for breakfast this morning. The Red Velvet is not bad but not something which makes me go - WOW! The Oreo is shit... I can't taste no oreo except for the pathetic piece of cookie. All I taste is sugar. Yukes! I shall try the chocolate one tomorrow. Not pinning my hopes high... Perhaps you've fared better ones. Do tell me which flavors are good!

A piece of information: These 3 cupcakes are supposed to be their best sellers. I wonder why...

Dreamy C

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