Saturday, 21 February 2015

Meals for Week 8

Week 8! I'm enjoying and is reaping the benefits of clean eating!

16th Feb, Monday

I made these little babies for breakfast which starts on Mon and ends on Fri for me. ^^

A close-up! I put lotsa sharp cheddar cheese on top. Yumz...
I had 2 of these and a toast with peanut butter for brekky!

Lunch was out. I had prawn noodles.
Dinner was Ipoh Hor Fun with Chicken & Beansprouts.

17th Feb, Tuesday

Breakfast was 2 x cheddar cheese omelette with a smoothie.
I didn't visit the toilet yesterday and so, I thought I needed some fibre.
Hence, I dumped some mixed berries, ground flaxseed and rice milk 
into my NutriBullet and blend away!

Lunch was with a friend. I had a bowl of Tom Yum Handmade Noodles.

Dinner will be Quinoa with Smoked Paprika Salmon & Capsicums.
This was supposed to be my lunch. I forgot about my lunch appointment until when I was about to leave home for work. Hence, I turned it for dinner instead.

18th Feb, Wednesday

Need, need fibre! Smoothie I go! The same as the one on 17th Feb, Tuesday.

This was lunch - Mee Bakso with Chicken Satay.
Peanut Sauce was Yumz...

Dinner was Steamboat. Read all about it HERE.

19th Feb, Thursday

Lotsa Berries Smoothie!
I threw in a mixture of fresh strawberries, raspberries and black berries along with some rice milk.
Tasted surprisingly sweet! Must be the Korean Strawberries... ^^

This was lunch! @ my 1st Aunt's place. She's THE BEST cook!
We have chicken, fish, prawns, roast pork, braised sea cucumber with mushrooms (my fav.), abalones with spinach, chap chye and also soup (absence in this photo)!

Dinner was leftover stuff from steamboat.

20th Feb, Friday

Breakfast was a smoothie same as the one on 19th Feb, Thursday.

Lunch was leftover stuff from steamboat.

Dinner was Rice with Braised Chicken, Ngoh Hiang (made by S which just isn't good in my humble opinion) and some veggie with mushrooms.

Well, that's how my Week 8 looks like.
I got to go plan what my meals will be for Week 9!

Have a great Saturday Y'all!!!

Dreamy C

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