Tuesday, 3 February 2015

A Lift from Dead Passion

I've not been feeling motivated when it comes to card creation these weeks.
It seemed like I was more interested towards healthy eating, healthy recipes and clean eating.
My BFF started to tell me that the cards that I've been making recently don't look like I put in much effort. In other words, they are just so-so and not pretty enough to garner likes. Ha ha...
Her comment really got to me and somehow, she got me motivated.
I sat on my art table yesterday thinking why I lacked passion and creativity.
I then shifted my stamps to another location where I'll have better access.
Thereafter, I sat on the chair, looking through my stamps and managed to create some nicer cards.
I guess I'm able to perform better now that I can SEE my stamps better.
Enough said... Take a look!

So that's about all! 4 cards in 1 evening. I must say it's pretty good... ^^
Thank You BFF!

Have a great day ahead!

Dreamy C

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