Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Wednesday, 30.04.2014

See below the dresses bought for Chub Chub, selected by me and paid by J. Sweet of him? Not really 'cos I'm the one who insisted on buying them for Chub Chub. Oh well... 2 x lovely dresses for my lil' niece. =)

Like I mentioned in previous post, I went to see Chub Chub and I saw 3 x plants growing well at my cousin's place!

Ba Long Long
Lovely with some black soy sauce and chilli padi


Bay Leaf
Baked bread. Take a look!

Wholemeal with Chia Seeds

Olive & Onion

Below are photos from the Japanese food outlet at Vivo. I mentioned in previous post that J & the kiddos don't like it but I enjoyed my Volcano Ramen. =)

Volcano Ramen
Look at the amount of chilli! Lovely!

I believe Handsome was taken in by the plate - aeroplane
He even asked me if he could take that home! *horror*

On Sunday before I went for my DFG class, J & I lunched at Sushi Tei - Takashimaya Branch. Not bad...

My favorite - Cha Soba

Prawn Tempura for me

As if the prawn tempura isn't enough, I ordered Veggie Tempura for myself

Lovely Pancake Ice Cream
J & I shared this

His boring & predictable - Katsu Don

Earlier this week, I was down with flu. I recovered after consuming lots of Vitamin C supplement pills. Just yesterday, my throat felt rough. I believe sore-throat is knocking on my door. I'm now having plain food for my meals such as soup, porridge etc. No fried food, no salty food, no sweet food. In other words, boring food which requires no photos. I hope I get well soon...

I made 2 x lovely cards last night.

Made another 1 a week ago.

That's about all for me today. It's a public holiday tomorrow - Labour Day. I'm spending the day doing my BSF homework and updating Project Life.

Happy Labour Day in advance!

Dreamy C

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