Thursday, 24 April 2014

Thursday, 24.04.2014

Wah... beri hectic morning today. I'm glad it's nearing my lunch time. Anyway, take a look at my dinner last night:

S cooked this - Tang Hoon (Vermicelli) Soto. She also used the Mortar & Pestle that I purchased many months back to make that chilli you see there with a wedge of lime. It taste great except that I added too much chilli in w/o first tasting it. I was too confident of my ability to handle spice. In the end, I finished 3/4 of it as it was just too spicy for me and my tum tum was calling for cold milk.

Breakfast was a slice of Chocolate Cake & a glass of Peppermint Tea.
Lunch will be Rice with Assam Pedas Fish & Veggie. 
Dinner? I'm not sure...

I'm at a fix now. I don't know what I'm going to bake after I finish the chocolate cake. Shall I bake myself some Pandan Cake or shall I bake me some Walnut & Raisin Wholemeal Bread? Frankly speaking, bread sounds healthier. Or shall I just head down to NTUC & get me some good old Sara Lee cake? I like their plain & chocolate ones. So lovely...

For sure I'm going to do my BSF h/w during lunch. I'm enjoying it thus far. 

I bought some skincare from Body Shop recently and I must say I quite like their products! I've been faithfully applying the stuff onto my face. There's hardly any shine 6 hours through the day! I am impressed! =) Hmmm... shall I get me some of their Clay Mask from the Seaweed range? I've quite a number of mask back home... Got to finish them all up! =)

Well, that's about all for me today. I've got to get myself a hair appointment! My hair is in a mess even though I've very little and fine hair.

Dreamy C

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