Monday, 28 April 2014

Monday, 28.04.2014

It has been a busy weekend for me last week.

I went for a haircut. About time! I'm 60 bucks poorer but much more stylish. =)
I reached home to find out that J has reprimanded First Born and it was serious. For the very 1st time in my life, I didn't gloat over it. Instead, I felt bad for the boy. Yes, he's at fault and he probably deserve it but still, I felt sorry for him. He just happen to be brought up in a unstable environment. I'm going to shower more love on him. =)

Both J & I brought the kiddos to Vivocity for lunch. We settled for some Japanese food which turned out less than desirable. Well, at least I enjoyed my Volcano Ramen. =)
J bought 2 x dresses for Chub Chub which I picked up from G.A.P. They really do have lovely dresses and I cannot resist!
After a visit at G.A.P. and lunch, I left the kiddos to J as I'm going to see my Chub Chub! How fast this girl grows and how attention seeking she is. I just can't get enough of her! I carried her and this time round, she puked out some milk on my top. Great timing Ms. Chub Chub! Just when I'm about to go to church a few hours later for some duty. Ha ha...
This Chub Chub of mine! Always full of surprises! =) She's able to flip to her right but not to her left. How funny. She also responds well to my encouragement. =) I'm hoping to be able to visit her in KL come June this year. =)
After seeing Chub Chub, I went to church for ushering duties. We had an outreach & the rewards are great to me! I experienced joy, love, unity, care & concern in all aspects. For once, I felt really, really good to usher. Ushering is something so small & yet, so full of impact. I'm extremely happy to be serving for The Lord.

The usual Sunday church routine. Thereafter, I went for my DFG class.

This morning, I received an email of thanks from our leader for ushering. Brings a big smile to my face and somehow, I was able to link one of the questions during my DFG class to my duty on Saturday. An encouragement which I thank The Lord for.
I cried during the sermon on Sunday as our pastor was talking about the crucifixion of Jesus & he played the sound of the hammer on the nail. It struck me deep and I couldn't control myself. I cried and cried hard I did. I didn't wail of course! Ha ha... I was thankful for the sermon nonetheless as it reminded me of Jesus' sacrifice. The movie - 'Passion of The Christ' came to mind which brought tears to my face faster than usual. =) Good tears I call them...

By the time I got home, I was tired. Despite all that, I baked 4 x loaves of bread! 2 x wholemeal ones, 1 x Olive & Onion Bread and 1 x wholemeal with Chia Seeds. J loves the Olive & Onion Bread which makes me very pleased. =) Ok so my baking chore for till half of next week is done. J consumes bread like nobody's business and he would usually need 2 x big wholemeal bread and 1 or 2 x Olive & Onion Bread from Cedele to last him 2 weeks. I combined 2 x wholemeal ones so technically, I only baked him 1 x big wholemeal bread and 1 x big Olive & Onion Bread. Comes Wednesday next week, I'll have to bake him another big loaf. I'm thinking of doing the Olive & Onion version again as it smelled really lovely. =)

This morning, I had a slice of wholemeal bread with Chia Seeds with a slice of ham.
Afternoon was packed Lunch of Ginger & Onion Pork Rice & Omelette.
Dinner will most probably be Sesame Oil Chicken at Serangoon.

BSF class later and I'm looking forward! =) I'm listening to songs of worship by Hillsong as I type all these down. I'll put the photos of the dresses for Chub Chub on Instagramm. Follow me! =)

I wish you a blessed day ahead!

Dreamy C

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