Monday, 7 April 2014

Monday, 07.04. 2014

I know it will be a busy day for me at work today. Some changes occurred over the weekend where I’ll have to make some amendments to some documents. Not that I’m complaining as business is picking up. =)

I have a disagreement over work with my boss earlier. I don’t agree with him as it’s not fair in justice. He has always said that he’s a fair person & he emphasized on that but today, I don’t quite agree with his statement. Though I’ve voiced out my opinion, he chose to do it his way. Well, he’s the boss!

Breakfast for today was 2 x Chocolate Muffins which I baked & a cup of Peppermint Tea from Dilmah.
Lunch will be Rice with Sambal Beef Goreng. I’m not sure if there’s any other dishes as that’s all S told me this morning when I asked what’s for lunch.
Dinner will be Beef Bourguignon with Mash Potato.

As usual, I’ll knock off at 4 p.m. today & I’ll be going home for dinner & a quick shower. Thereafter, I’m going to read my notes again for refreshment before I begin my BSF class today. It’s been a joy & I just greeted this lady (let’s call her Ms. L) who attends the same congregation as I do & who also attends BSF. According J, she’s been having the same hairstyle for many years. I find that it suits her very well!

On Saturday, we went to ABC for lunch & the kiddos enjoyed tremendously. Can you imagine spending 100 bucks for bread?! Ha ha… This is what we have ordered:

1. 3 x Chicken Pies, 1 for each kid
2. 1 x Chocolate Éclair for Handsome
3. 1 x Normandie Tart for Handsome
4. 1 x Chocolate Lava Cake, shared between Handsome & Chubby
5. 2 x Ham & Cheese Sandwich, 1 each for First Born & Myself
6. 2 x Sparkling Blackcurrant Drink for Handsome & Chubby
7. Guava & Apple Juice for First Born
8. 2 x Plain Croissant for J
9. Black Coffee for J
10. 1 x Pain Au Chocolat for Me
11. 1 x Osmanthus Sencha Tea for Me

Total damage? $102.60 to be exact. =) Before all these food arrive, the kiddos were wolfing down some Madeleines. Ha ha… This bunch of boys sure can eat! Well, I don’t mind spending money on food for them. They are growing after all. =) In fact, it’s an enjoyment seeing them eat & I felt happy when our table is so full, it can hardly accommodate any extras. =) Even the staff seemed shocked! Ha ha… I told her that I’m feeding a village out there. Ha ha…

After lunch, J brought the boys to Toys R Us while I make my way to meet a customer for my Deco Rush items. She ordered quite a bit which made me a happy woman. It’s worth making a trip down to the West. =)
We had intentions to bring the boys for a movie – Captain America & I was shocked to see the queue at the movie theatre. In the end, the idea was scrapped & we promised to bring them next week. They seemed happy to know that the idea was scrapped so I doubt over their eagerness to catch it.

On Sunday, J & I went to Brotzeit for lunch. It was an enjoyable lunch. I had Mushroom Soup as my starter & Chili Sausages as my main. J had Goulash Soup for his starter & Pork Ribs as his main. My beverage was Sparkling Water & J had 2 x glasses (0.5 Ltrs each) of Original Lager.

We went home & J napped while I clean up major parts of my storage shelves for my hobby. I also clean my art table. I started to store my stuff in containers so I can save myself the agony of going through the cleaning process once every few months. It’s really a chore to clean every single item that I owned. Hence, putting them into containers would save me lots of time & frustration since I only need to wipe the containers the next time instead of going through every single item again.

I also clean up my make-up containers. I got the containers from Muji some time back & it’s those clear acrylic ones. It looked really good with my make-up items in it.
I find myself really hard-working yesterday. For that I’m pleased… =)

S was out on Sunday & she came back with 2 x packets of very lovely Bakso for my dinner. Well, I asked her a day earlier to buy it for me. A few years back, I had my 1st experience eating Bakso in Indonesia & it immediately took my breath away! I had it for the next few days when I was in Indonesia. I didn’t manage to find any good ones or even near it when I touched down Singapore. It’s been a while now & I was really very happy last night. It was LOVELY!!! I'm really happy...

Well, I hope you had a blast last weekend & if you didn't, I hope it'll be better for you this coming weekend. =)

Happy Monday!!!

Dreamy C

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