Thursday, 6 March 2014

Thursday, 06.03.2014

It's a Thursday people...!!! I'm so looking forward to this weekend as I'm going down to see my niece!!! Babies really grow very fast. Now and then, photos of her will be sent to me via Whatsapp. I pray and hope that she'll grow up healthy, obedient and a child of God. =)

Well, I start my day with a cup of Rooibos Vanilla tea and 2 x slices of Fig Sourdough purchased from Artisan Boulangerie Co (ABC) in Vivocity. I must say it is expensive. I believe I paid $8.50 for that and $8 for Rustic Sourdough. Breads in Cedele cost around half of that price but then again, I believe I'm paying for quality. I'm not a big bread eater anyway. Hey... I'm a Chinese! At the end of the day, no matter how far I've ventured in the food journey, I'll still go back to my rice, noodles, porridge etc.
I'm tasting the Fig Sourdough bread as I type this out and it taste really good... I love fig so....yea...
The Rooibos Vanilla tea taste great and I like it very much! I'm going to continue having it and leave 1 last packet behind. Why? Well, I intend to buy some loose Rooibos Vanilla tea from Gryphon and I would like to taste if there's any difference between the 2 brands.

Lunch is supposed to be Lotus Root Soup with Rice and Veggie and dinner is Mince Beef Spaghetti but S interpret my meal board wrongly and so I'm going to have Mince Beef Spaghetti for lunch and Lotus Root Soup with Rice and Veggie for dinner. A blessing in disguise. This meant that I don't have to carry so many containers to the office but then again, I would prefer soup for lunch as it's hearty and it warms up my soul - something much needed during mid-day of a working day.

My Lunch... Mince Beef Spaghetti

I made this meal board out of my scrap paper in black. Let me try and describe to you how I get it done.
1. I print out the names of the many dishes on a piece of adhesive label.
2. I paste the label on a piece of scrap paper in white.
3. I cut them out as I have 3 - 4 dishes on 1 label.
4. I then put them into little transparent bags in categories like Soup, Veggie, One Dish, Beef, Japanese etc.
Then I'm done! On my meal board, I label down Mon to Fri vertically down. I then decide what I want.
For example, if I want to have Old Cucumber Soup for lunch and Braised Toufu with Rice for Monday dinner, I would take out the names of the dishes and stick them onto the meal board where Monday is with the help of washi tapes.
I hope you can figure that out. I believe that a photo speaks a thousand words so I'll show you a photo of my meal board later this week.

It was episode 42 for Twinkle Twinkle last night on Channel U and I must say it's getting exciting... For sure I'm going to continue watching but I wouldn't be able to catch it every Monday as I got a call yesterday, informing me that I'm IN for BSF! So happy... my prayer was answered very quickly! Praise The Lord! I didn't do the homework yesterday as planned as I was lazy and ended up playing Candy Crush on Snowy (I call my tablet Snowy as the cover's in white). Hence, I'll need to get it going after work, dinner, Twinkle Twinkle and shower today.

So that's round about how my day looked like. As usual, I hope your Thursday's a blast!

Dreamy C

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