Monday, 3 March 2014

Office Lunches...

As of today, 3rd March 2014, I'm going to bring home cooked lunches to work during the weekdays. I did my food planning a couple of days ago and this is what I'm going to have:

Monday Lunch: Bitter Gourd Soup with Rice & Veggie.
Tuesday Lunch: Same as Monday. Type of Veggie might change.
Wednesday Lunch: Curry Chicken with Rice.
Thursday Lunch: Lotus Root Soup with Rice & Veggie.
Friday Lunch: Same as Thursday. Type of Veggie might change.

I'm not picky when it comes to my veggie. Hence, I let my helper decide on the veggie section. Obviously, I gave her some recipes for my soup as she doesn't know how to cook soup and we do not have any Soup recipe books back home.

I bought some thermal flasks (Zojirushi) from Tangs Orchard yesterday and though they might be expensive, I would gladly pay for food that's still warm after 6 hours. I shall put them to the test today! =)

I bought a food flask where there's 3 containers inside, 1 for a small portion of soup or a small piece of fish or some meat dishes, 1 for rice & 1 for veggie. That cost me close to 100 bucks. It comes with a pair of chopsticks.
I believe this will have a temperature of 68 or 71 deg C after 6 hours.
With a sling so it's pretty convenient. 

I also bought a flask mainly for soup. It says on the box that it can be used to contain porridge and desserts as well. I was told by the SA that this flask is NOT suitable for water, tea or coffee. It's to do with the coating I believe. Anyway, that was on promotion and I've a 300 ml water flask which is FOC.
This comes with a spoon with a long handle, good to reach to the bottom of the flask.
I believe this will have a temperature of 71 or close to 80 deg C after 6 hours.

Comes with a carrier bag which is nice...

These 2 flasks cost me 186 bucks. The soup flask is on promo and the other wasn't. So there you go...!

Blogging with updates on my meals can be rather tedious in the blogging world, at least for me! It would be easier for me to do updates (photos) on Instagram. As such, you can follow me on Instagram: dreamyc_81

See ya around and Happy Monday! I'm going for a briefing after work today (faith related)!

Dreamy C

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