Monday, 10 March 2014

Saturday & Sunday, 08.03.2014 & 09.03.2014

Saturday, 08.03.2014

Started my morning by going down to Vivocity with J & his kids. We went to ABC (I blogged about this place earlier this year. You can check it out HERE). We reached at about 10.15 a.m. (shop opens at 10 a.m.) and some breads were not ready yet.
We took 2 x breakfast sets (1 x set comes with choice of baguette, croissant or pain au chocolat, a cup of coffee or tea & a glass of orange juice), an additional orange juice since there are a total of 3 boys and the sets will only give us 2 x glasses of orange juice in total, 1 x Lava Cake (Mr. Handsome likes it a lot), 1 x Cheese & Ham Sandwich & 1 x Pain Au Chocolat for Mr. Chubby. Well, I like to address the boys by their nicknames. I find that it's cuter that way... =)

After breakfast, we went to Toys R Us and I was amazed to find some Lego designs. Lego happens to be my favorite! Take a look!

After Toys R Us, we head home for lunch. It's tiring work lingering in Toys R Us for a couple of hours. No joke!

In the afternoon, I made a trip down to see my niece. No photos of her but she's just so very adorable. I played with her and had so much fun, I didn't want to put her to sleep! Ha ha... I'm hoping to see her EVERY week but I doubt that could happen. =( If I had a choice, I would see her EVERYDAY! Oh my dear chubby chubby, why do you have to sleep after every feed??? Ha ha... I love babies... She's 4 months plus now, a November baby and I'm thinking of what to get her for her birthday already... More than 6 months to go and I'm already thinking about it... Kan Cheong Biao Yi... =) When she smiles, you can see her dimples. She has big eyes and really chubby cheeks. She smiles easily and I can't stop thinking of her since then. =) Well, I bought my cousin some bread from ABC. Both my aunt and her are bread lover.

That about sums up my Saturday.

Sunday, 09.03.2014

I spent the morning in church and most of the hours in the afternoon doing my BSF homework. I did a video on my Filo Set Up for Week 11. You can see the video HERE.

I just hope my weekends last longer... They go so FAST!!! =( Anyway, I'm looking forward to the next weekend! Next Sat? To the dentist I go!

Dreamy C

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