Wednesday 12 September 2012

Sunday - 09.09.2012

Sunday!!! My favourite day of the week! A friend from my Baptism class gave her testimony. She didn't say it out herself. She got a clergy staff to do it on her behalf. I understand why. You see, her testimony is about her daughter who was healed. Her daughter was diagnosed with an illness (I forgot the name) where she only have 30% of white blood cells when compared to normal, healthy kids. This meant that her immune system isn't strong and her mom worries everytime she falls ill or has a cut. I'm not a mother myself but I totally understand her agony and frustration. Through her testimony, I've learnt that the agonies and frustrations I've had are nothing compared to hers and I'm ashamed. I'm very glad her daughter's much better now. ^^
Okie! Enough talk! I thought it's something to share which enables my readers to know a bit more about myself, to know that I'm also human. What am I talking about? Ha ha... I wouldn't pick up the following had J not decided to make a trip to That CD Shop in Raffles Shopping Mall.
He's very talented and I'm a bit sad to know that he's gone when I've barely known his works. I bought this as the CD I had previously seems to be lost. It seems to be lost every one time I shift. Forgetful me...
This one is a classic. I'm definitely not one into classical music but this guy is great!
Very talented despite being a blind. I wonder if he's a faithful man from all the fame...
Aiyo... This is by far my favourite cartoon movie! Thumbs up!
Now, let me go search the song from YouTube... Beri farni one...
I've come to realise that Leonardo DiCaprio is a good actor. I didn't pay much attention to him in Titanic but he sure is good in The Revolutionary Road, with Kate Winslet as well.
As such, I've to get this...
I also got some fragrances and some nail polish. I'll leave the nail polish for another day as there's now quite a few from the same brand.
This not fantastic to me but I got it 'cos J loves it! The smell was so familiar. It's only much later that I realise that my Home Economics teacher smelled this way. ^^ 60ml and retails for $76.64 from Robinsons @ Raffles Shopping Mall. Don't ask me. I don't know why the weird number.
This I like... I've been contemplating for close to a year as it's very expensive. Get ready now... 75ml for $230.00! The bigger size (comes in only 2 sizes) is $450.00 hor... Not that I cannot afford to buy but why does one need such a large bottle anyway? It'll take a very long time for me to finish it. Before I even finish it, I might get so bored I'm leaving it aside. By now, I've 6 bottles of different brand including these 2 which I just purchased. Previously, I've more. I've given a few to my Mom.
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