Tuesday 11 September 2012

Stuff Bought from Clarins Workshop in September 2012

Like I mentioned recently, I'll tell you about the stuff I've purchased from the workshop @ Clarins. Viola!
This comes with a spatula. It's 75ml and retails for $75 from Tangs Vivocity

It has a mousse-like texture

We were asked to put this in the fridge and to use this twice a week, morning and night. It's suitable for ALL skin types. This is what I've extracted out from Clarins website:

This deliciously rich cream-mousse with extracts of Chinese barley and organic ginkgo biloba is a quick-fix lifting treatment for puffiness caused by sleep, stress or heat. Within just 10 minutes, sensations of heaviness are reduced, the skin texture is tightened, lines are smoothed away and repositioned. An essential complement to your everyday Lifting and Firming facial treatments, experts in contouring the face using plant extracts.

Dermatologically tested, does not encourage blackheads.
I started using this on Sunday morning. I didn't put it in the fridge but still, it's cooling to the touch. I applied a thick layer on my cheeks. I didn't apply it on my neck though we were encouraged to do so. I intend to do it when night comes as mornings are usually hectic and I can do w/o the mess.

I applied this on my cheeks and then proceeded to shower. By the time I'm done with my hair and body, I can wash this product away. Well, upon application, my face felt some heat and I know the product is working on my face. After 10 minutes, I removed it and noticed that my laugh lines were slightly less visible. Don't expect magic after just 1 application. I intend to use day and night, everyday and see if there's any results after a month. Will keep you informed!
You know how well some products from Clarins have worked on my face. Since I was there and if I spend 300 bucks, I'll be given freebies! So I picked this up since all I've got are travel sized ones. Travel size is 50ml and this is 200ml. I got this together with the cleanser for $80.
Travel size is all I've got. This one is 125ml whereas the travel size one is 75ml. Pretty good for a travel size. I've been using the travel size one for more than a month and I'm not even done yet!
This is good for my T-zone. Again, I only have travel size ones until now. Travel size is 5ml and can last me quite a while since I only apply this on my forehead and nose. This one is 50ml and retails for $58 from Tangs Vivocity.
I also got another bottle of their sunscreen which I do not have photo here. It retails for $74 and is 30ml.
This is light and it comes with SPF 15 which I kinda like. It does not have a greasy feel and is suitable for day time. Retails for $40. The smell reminded me of the sunscreen by Banana Boat, only that it's flowery as well.
I bought another hand cream. I believe it's called the hand and nail treatment cream. It also retails for $40. This is slightly heavier and I'm going to use it for night. It's currently out of stock and I was told that the stock will come towards 3rd week of September 2012.
Lastly, I bought blotting firm from M.A.C. which I do not have the photo here. It cost $22 at M.A.C. outlets here.
Now, I've accumulated enough travel sized freebies to last me a good 3 months I believe. Goodness me! I'll put them into good use when I start to travel. There's a holiday in October. Hmmm...
Dreamy C

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