Monday 3 September 2012

Skin Food

I went to purchase a new mobile @ AMK Hub on 1st September 2012. I've read from a blogger, raving about a product from Skin Food and so, I've decided to check it out.

Strips to get rid of blackheads and impurities from your nose, forehead AND chin! Talk about efficiency! I'm so excited, I got 2 packs!
That's not all... Is there even a possibility to head straight to the cashier, pay up and leave? No no no... Not for me at least. I ended up walking around. I've settled for nose, forehead and chin. What about my cheeks? I can't use the pink mask on my entire face forever can I? Even if I'd love to, I can't. Why? Simply because that's catered for the nose only! A few usage for my face is alright but in the long run, I don't think it's helping my skin very much. I'm afraid my skin will lose it's elasticity. Anyway, using a product which is not meant for a specific area is BAD... *bleats like a sheep*
I've yet to try this. It contains peppermint = cool sensation. Let me try it out on 5th September 2012. Stay tuned!
Shampoo and Hair Tonic
People who know me, know that I've issues with my hair. I've oily scalp and dry ends. The fact that my hair is fine isn't helping. I've tried hair treatments with Phyto, Trichokare, some other brands and they aren't helping at all! Why can't I have a crown full of healthy hair? I promise not to dye them... *big sigh* Oh well... again, I spent money buying Hope. Let's see how this pans out...
Since I've a BB cream from Garnier, I thought I should try this out. The former isn't oil control. After 3 hours, I believe you can find me in a dark room with the help of my shiny nose. MOMMY LOOK! IT GLOWS!!! Enough of my nonsense. Let's see if the BB cream is better from Skin Food. If yes, I can say adios to Lancome.

I can't believe I found these. You know most eye mask (sheet form) only covers your eye bags? I've yet to find one which covers the entire eyes. When I finally found it, I ended up getting 10 of them!

Buying just these stuff cost me at least 200 bucks! The positive side? I'm eligible to be a member! As if that's really a positive side. Pui! It's just a way to console myself... Anyway, I was given some freebies... See below:

Cotton Pads. Wah... as if I needed them. I can get a big chunk of it from Watsons.
A face mask. Haiz... so many in the fridge liaoz. Ended up dumping this into my 'bag of extras'.
More masks... Why got food de? Beats me.
Can give me voucher to some nice food restaurants instead?
So many products, just 1 face. ^^
Dreamy C

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