Wednesday 5 September 2012

Muddle Headed

Yes yes, I can be muddle headed sometimes. I was so in love with the lip butters that I decide to see if there's more colors. Perhaps a shopping mall would carry a bigger range? I went to L'Oreal and wonder why I can't find them. I still couldn't figure it out till 2nd September 2012 while typing away. Ha ha... Aiyo... want lip butters, how to find from L'Oreal?! Gotta find from Revlon mah... Yes yes, I know... Anyway, due to me behaving like a blur sotong, I ended up purchasing lip gloss instead. 4 of them some more... Check it out!

No. 703 Miss Marshmallow
No. 706 Miss Orange
No. 707 Glam Shine
No. 708 Miss Apricot
Here's a photo of No. 706 on me. 2 coats and no other colors involved.
Why like no color de? Swatches look good leh!!!
Aiya... I think it's due to my bare lips. Not neutral to begin with. ^^
Note: They retail for $15.90 each @ Watsons. I'm not sure if it's under promotion when I purchased them but I was given a discount of $3.18 each which gives me a savings of $12.72 in total. Not bad considering I can have 4 bowls of fishball noodles with it. Ha ha...
Happy Wednesday!
Dreamy C

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