Wednesday 19 September 2012

Clarins Shaping Facial Lift

I started to use this product on 28th July 2012. More than a month later, how does this fare on my face? To be fair, I use this every day and night, everyday.
On the right, white in color
I have been procrastinating whether to get this product for a while though the procrastination isn't going strong enough to make me want to dash out of the house to get it. In other words, it's not a 'I have got to get it' kind of product. I've heard and read a number of good reviews on this serum. One day, I received a mailer from Tangs Orchard about a promotion which is going to take place there for Clarins. I thought, why not? Even though I've been using some products from Lancôme and it seems to work well for my skin, according to my beautician, there's really no harm in trying to improve on the condition of my skin. 
I made a trip there. I've heard lots of raves about Clarins, about how good it is for people with sensitive skin, about how some of their products gets absorbed easily, about some of their best sellers. Also, 2 bottles of this serum now cost lower! All these factors are enough to make me decide to change the brand of my skincare entirely. Talk about loyalty! Hey! A girl is always looking out for improvements right? Improvements, improvements, improvements!
I spent more than 500 bucks, purchasing products for cleansing, exfoliation, moisturizing, mask etc. I'll cover that in another blog, one at a time. I was given some toner, serum for night, moisturizer for night in travel sizes. Due to the promotion from Tangs, I was also given a Cleanser and Foot lotion in full size! Lucky me!
I realized that the reward point system seems to fare better than Lancôme but I'll cover that another day. 
This product! I took a 'before' photo which I'm going to show it right now.
Now, see the 'after' photo. This was taken 1 month after usage of product, day and night, every day.
See any difference? Well, in my opinion, the difference is insignificant. Don't work for me does not mean that it doesn't work for you. Frankly speaking, it's a pricy item and not worth the try unless if it's under a promotion.
I don't intend to restock on this once it runs out. However, since this comes in a range, now that I got the lift wrap, I wonder if it'll work even better when I use it together. Let me try...
Stay tuned!!!
Dreamy C

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