Wednesday 26 September 2012

DVDs & Music to Counter Lazy Sundays

Bought these...

This CD - Don't like it. I only bought this 'cos J wanted it
Great Movie. I watched this a while ago.
Very nice, action packed and exciting.
Taken 2 will be out in the movie theatre soon. J has already asked me to take note. Ha!
I watched this with Mommy in the movie theatre some time back.
I like Charliz Theron in it. I LOVE her in it! I decided to buy this in Blu-Ray for the graphics.
Johnny Depp. Should be good gua...
Bought a few more for the kiddos...
Another Johnny Depp
Watched this b4. Quite funny with a TWIST
Another Johnny Depp
Bought this 'cos Fatty kiddo said he would like to watch it the other day
Ended up buying Part 2 as well
What is Part 1 and Part 2 w/o Part 3???
I've come to realise that I do love his kiddos a lot. I'm a very nice Aunty, perhaps a nice Step-Mom in future. ^^
So many disc, I'm only just done with Mentalist Season 1 and half-way through Season 2. I'm eagerly waiting for Season 4.
I hope you, my readers keep yourself occupied with movies too! They bring laughter and show some light into your life!
Dreamy C


  1. Wow, you bought many stuff! How do you manage to use them all?

    1. Ha ha... When the kiddos come, they watch lor... 1 disc every Friday night. The rest we watch on most weekday nights. He's hooked on drama show - The Mentality now so I think it'll be a while b4 I need to buy DVDs again. ^^