Monday 10 September 2012

Clarins Eyes on You Beauty Chat

Few weeks back, I was invited to a workshop organized by Clarins. It says - How to make your eyes bigger. That caught my eye and I registered for it.

Once there, there's 13 of us including muah. I would say that majority are women in their late 40's and signs of aging is evident on their face. There's a couple of women who came with make-up on and ended up trying products on their hands. Being the smarty alec, I went w/o make-up and ended up trying stuff like their toner, exfoliation cream, face lifting serum, eye lift serum, sunscreen etc. Not that I'm so into it since I'm already using most of the products beforehand. The method of application isn't new to me as well. The service of Clarins staff is slightly disappointing. I was given my beverage mid-way through the workshop and I had to ask for it. I also caught one of the Clarins staff dreaming away. Tsk tsk tsk...

Did you think I'll end up buying nothing at all?! Ha! You are wrong my friend... I'll show you another day.

All I can say is that the workshop taught me nothing as to how to make my eyes bigger. I should say a good part of the workshop was used to introduce their products and only a teeny weeny last part, used to show you how to make your peepers bigger. To make them bigger, you apply a light brown eye shadow all over lid up to the brow bone. Then draw your eye liner on your near the roots of your upper eye lash and also your waterline. Then apply mascara. Chey... I also know...

Disappointment. The first and perhaps only workshop I'll ever attend.

Dreamy C

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