Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Lazy Sunday...

J & I went for a movie on Sunday – The Butler. It wasn’t what I had expected. The caption – A small voice can start a big revolution. Something like that. Well, when you read such a caption, there would be expectations but those expectations are not what I had expected! As such, I was disappointed.

Before the movie starts, J & I went to Secret Recipe for lunch. He had the Caesar Salad and I opt for the Tom Yam Kung (Chicken). There’s no way I’m going to settle for salad for my lunch on a weekend. He claimed that the salad was good. Looking at the salad dressing, I’m not too sure. Thousand Island – Not light and refreshing. My Tom Yam Kung wasn’t that bad. It was spicy for sure.

Caesar Salad

Tom Yam Kung

After the movie, I went to Spotlight to look for A7 envelopes. No luck there. Before heading home, we went to Secret Recipe where I bought a slice of Chocolate Banana cake.

Just look at all those bananas...
Frankly speaking, choc cakes rich in choc makes me sick after a few mouthfuls. One of which is Awfully Chocolate. Don't get me wrong. Their cakes are delicious but not one which I can take slice after slice.
This one from Secret Recipe comes with fruits so it's not so nauseating.

That’s how I spent my Sunday. For now, I’m just glad I’m almost done with the Christmas Cards for church.

Dreamy C

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