Thursday, 24 October 2013

Dinner at Aunt's - Always a Happy Event!

I went over to my 1st Aunt's house on 19th October 2013. I made the arrangement earlier during the week. I bought a duck and $20 worth of siew yok from Toh Kee for all to enjoy. I called Toh Kee on the same day, wanting to reserve the duck and siew yok. Only then did I find out that they will close shop when they managed to sell everything. Hence, there's no official closing time. I had the intention of picking it up at 6p.m. which is nearer to dinner time but I guess I'm not going to risk it. I reached there 1p.m. and picked it up. Come dinner time, well, the siew yok is no longer crispy. It was a disappointment but I guess this is with any food no matter how delicious it is. Food have to be consumed when hot or on the spot.

Just take a look at it! There's my roast duck, and siew yok. There's also salted veggie soup. Beside it is sweet and sour prawns. I love it! On top of the siew yok is steam Red Snapper. Lovely! Next to the fish is steam chicken. Love it! Next to it is mince pork with salted fish - one of mommy's favourite. She can eat bowls of rice with this dish alone. It brought back fond memories of my Grandpa I believe. On top of the fish and chicken is veggie! 

I showed my beautician this photo and her 1st comment is, "Wah! So much meat and so little veggie!" Ha ha... I didn't realize that till her comment. Anyway, I enjoyed the meal beri much and I'm definitely dropping by for dinner again... SOON! 

Nothing beats home cooked food!

Dreamy C

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