Saturday, 5 October 2013


Yay...!!! The items I purchased recently are now finally in my hands!

Left: Christmas
Right: Sentiments

The one on the left, I purchased so I can make the 5th card for my church. I'm not sure if I've mentioned in my blog before but I'm on a journey of making 100 x Christmas Cards for my church to sell. The proceeds will be utilized by the church. I know for which area it's going to be utilized of course!

I'm making 5 different designs and I'm pretty much done with 4 designs. For the 5th design, we have an agreement on what the design is but now, I thought of making a better looking one. You know, one progresses as time passes. The same for me with my hobby. Now that I'm improving, I thought of making a better looking card to replace the original 5th version! ^^ 

I purchased a matching die (2nd order) for this stamp set on the left and it'll arrive round about 2 weeks from now. Can't wait...!

The one on the right, I purchased on impulse. Well, not really a bad buy. Who doesn't need stamps of sentiments? o.O Give me lots of stamps of sentiments anytime! Ha ha...

For this 1st order, this is only part delivery. There's another 2 x stamp sets and a floral die which will arrive 2 weeks from now. I'll blog about it when I get them. 

I placed the 2nd order just yesterday. It consist of the Christmas die which I mentioned earlier here. It also consist of some adhesive (I'm running out of it so it's a replenishment). That's about it!

The 1st and 2nd orders are made locally. I'm contemplating on getting an order from the US. I've already decided on what to get. Well, I guess that shall have to wait till next month. ^^

I'll tell you more about the floral die when I get it. Can't wait...! I've a few friends/relatives giving birth this year and I thought of making something nice for their kiddo. Coincidentally, they are all baby girls. I think this is a good year for baby girls???

Till next time...

Dreamy C

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