Saturday, 12 October 2013

Morganfield's @ Star Vista

I met up with my poly girlfriends last night and we settled for Morganfield's for dinner. It was also my 1st visit to Star Vista. My Mom actually beat me at it. Can you believe it? o.O Star Vista is not an air-conditioned mall by the way... doesn't affect me though.

Anyway, we did not make any reservation but it wasn't long before we got a table. 

We ordered Crab and Spinach Dip. It was great though the serving of chips (tortilla I believe) is pitiful. For individual portion, it was good but for 4 hungry women, the portion is indeed pitiful. Besides, the dip was good and so, shouldn't they be more generous with the portion of chips? Just saying...

Next, we had the Sausage Platter. I love sausages... These were ordinary.

Next up was a Full Slab of ribs in sauce - Honey and Rum. We were told this is a new flavour. It wasn't even on the menu. On the menu, the sauce to go for would be Hickory BBQ, according 1 of the servers.

If you go to Morganfield's, the food to go for would be their ribs and chocolate lava cake. This slab of rib taste alright but it could be it has gone cold by the time we attacked it. We were busy talking. That's what happens when you put a bunch of women who have not met up for a while, together.

I talked about their Chocolate Lava Cake. It did not disappoint and both SS and myself was very happy when the other 2 were busy discussing about stuff for babies. Why? Just because we can have the whole cake to ourselves! Ha ha...

This was before all the action took place

Not much oozing from my side

The side of SS. Look at that lava oozing out!
Brilliant! SS can't help scooping from my side.
Ha ha...

It was indeed great fun meeting up with the girls again. 

Well, there's LOTS of eateries at Star Vista. A LOT and I kid you not...

Will definitely pay another visit!

Dreamy C

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