Saturday, 12 October 2013

Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant @ Junction 8

I had lunch over at Junction 8 today. I wanted to try their Beef Sukiyaki!

What I do not like is that the beef slices were presented in the soup.
Not good for people like me, who doesn't like their beef very cooked.
Overall, it was alright.

A Japanese meal wouldn't be complete without Sashimi!
I do like the Salmon Sashimi from this restaurant...
Makes me want to fly to Japan for some really 'solid' ones...

That's all for today. Come tomorrow, I shall blog about Nasi Lemak from Nasi Lemak Kukus. It's 1 of the stalls in Dr. Leslie Tay's book, bought recently from Kinokuniya.

Gonna bring Mom out for makan more often! 

Have a brilliant Saturday y'all!

Dreamy C

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