Saturday, 17 November 2012

Sephora & Tangs Vivocity

Straight after dinner yesterday, I went to Sephora and Tangs. There's just a few items I would like to get that day.

O.P.I. Base Coat
Retails for $24.10
I was so happy to see a stall at Tangs Vivocity. The consistency is pretty diluted. It reminds me of a Top Coat instead but SA confirmed that it's a Base. See my Base Coat from Chanel right at its side? The consistency is thicker. To be honest, I don't really fancy the Base Coat from Chanel though I do like a few of their nail polishes. I think this one from O.P.I. should work better.
Not sure if you can tell its consistency from this photo.
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
It's supposedly a primer with the glitter bonding ability. I'm interested to explore into the world of glitter and I've seen people using this as a base for the glitter to stick to your lids and so, I've decided to give it a go.
This is how the content looked like
Left: UDPP used for I don't remember how long
Right: New purchase of the same thing
Why buy the same thing when the old is just half-way there? Money grow on tree ah??? Nope! In actual fact, the one I have previously doesn't perform as good as it is. I was told that once open, it could last you a year but you see, when I open it, it was during a time of on-off make-up period for me and so, I didn't manage to fully utilise it.
When the day comes when I've decided to make it a point to apply make-up, it has pretty much hardened and I didn't even thought it's overdue. I've been experiencing patches after application and I asked the SA @ Sephora yesterday. She showed me a sample and lo and behold, the one I had isn't as wet.
Left: Old
Right: New
Left: Old
Right: New
Perhaps you cannot tell from the photo but the old one is definitely drier. Both Too Faced & UDPP set me back slightly lesser than $80.
M.A.C. 182 brush
Retails for $82.00
I know it's expensive BUT! I like the brushes from M.A.C. I've tried cheaper ones but it just didn't feel as good. For example, the blush brush I had from Charm require more product as compared to my blush brush from M.A.C.
There! Retail therapy Part I! Ha ha...
Dreamy C

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