Sunday, 18 November 2012

LUSH Attack!!!

Another trip to LUSH @ Wisma Atria. Ahhh... that smell. Why is it so lovely ALL the time?! Ha ha...

Coalface Soap
Meant as a cleanser. This retails for $15.21 for a 3kg block.
I was told that it'll last me around 1.5 months with twice a day usage, every day.
Cupcake Mask for Oily Skin
Retails for $25
The Content
Previously, I bought one in green or blue. It has peppermint and it's good to cleanse the scalp.
This one in pink has cinnamon, good for hair loss.
Retails for $19.90
Twilight Shower Gel with Lavender and Malt
Smells lovely.
Retails for $54 (500g)
I took some time-out, a couple of hours in fact. I wanted to check out NARS @ Tangs Orchard. Besides, it's time to pick up my redemption from Lancome so why not check out how Tangs Orchard looks like after renovation?
I ended up with 5 bags and a damage of $1K. Where's the 5 bags from? 1 from LUSH, 1 from NARS, 1 from M.A.C., 1 from Fancl and 1 from Bread Society. I'm talk more about my purchases over the next few days.
I wish you a great Sunday!!!
Dreamy C

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