Monday 5 November 2012

Day 3

How did we spend the rest of last night? Picture this. We were just as happy slacking on our beds, fresh and clean, watching some really funny television programme with a hot cup of tea. Bliss!

Day 3 and the final day. Since it's our last day, we decided to pay Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant a visit. This place opens for Dim Sum 9 in the morning!

Bird's Nest Egg Tart
This retails for RM16.50
Scallop Porridge
This retails for RM16.00
Chicken Claws
Packed with Collagen. Yummy!
Siew Mai
Spring Roll with Chicken and Mango
Pork Chee Cheong Fun
This is the worst Chee Cheong Fun I've ever tasted.
This retails for RM8.80
All these for RM102.45. This includes tea at RM6.00 and peanut and tea for RM3.00.
When we first reach there, I asked for a napkin, one which you place on your lap to wipe your mouth later or stuff like that. To clean up the mess really. The waitress told me that it's not given to people having breakfast there. I almost fainted on the spot. Lady, if you want to prevent your customer from getting napkins, at least come up with better excuses.
We went for a last walk after breakfast and bumped into Mr. McDonalds.
Spot On
Soon, it's time to board our coach. We arrived 10 minutes earlier than the scheduled time and realised that we were the last 2 to board the coach. I went up first. Ms. JH followed behind. I saw a couple who looked like they are in their late 40's. They took our seats! They knew we are the rightful seaters and when I stood next to them, they feign ignorance. I told them that they took our seats and the guy remained oblivious! What audacity! The woman had the cheek to ask me if we wanted our seats. To which, I replied, "Of course! We want our seats!" They moved away w/o apologizing. It seems like the norm for people to move on w/o apologizing.
Once, back in Singapore, J parked his car at the side of the road meant for loading and unloading of goods. I needed to make a quick dash to the doc. Within minutes, I'm out and he told me that while he was waiting for me, a lady parked right at his side when there's enough space in front of him. She blocked a lane! It's dangerous for oncoming vehicles who aren't expecting her to be there and it's dangerous for herself! J went to tell her about it and she shifted her car elsewhere w/o a word of thanks! She looked like she didn't even know she shouldn't be there! Pretty dumb if you ask me.
Anyway! That sums up my holiday to Genting. I wonder when my next holiday will be. Ha ha...
Dreamy C

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