Friday 2 November 2012

Day 1 Part II

There will be lots of photos in this entry. Don't say I didn't warn you...

We went shopping after breakfast. Damage for me was done at Padini and Seed. I bought a total of 9 x dresses, tops and bottoms! Can't blame me. They all looked sweet and pretty. I couldn't resist. Time to get more clothe hangers... Always a good feeling buying clothes.

Let me just show you a couple of photos of my loot.

Dinner was at The Mushroom Garden
Surprisingly, this doesn't taste oily and was crispy.
Zhu Shou they call it. Pork hand?
Direct translation but we all know pigs don't have hands.
There's a sauce accompaning this dish.
Disgusting photo of the 'hand', courtesy of Mrs. Heng. Ha ha...
No idea why I didn't touch this throughout dinner
Veggie Mix I think. I like it as there's a variety of veggie. I love my veg.
This fish is amazingly good with the sweet chili sauce a.k.a. Thai style
Long beans there were skinnier but no lack in taste, texture and crunch
The best prawn paste chicken (Xia Jiang Ji) I've ever tasted.
Chicken marinated with fermented prawn. Eee? Trust me. It's good and is nothing like Eee...
Some kind of veggie from a chinese herb, Tian Qi I believe.
Taste slightly bitter but nice.
Texture: Slightly slimy upon chewing.
Something like Di Huang Miao - Another favourite veggie of mine.
A trip wasted if you didn't consume mushroom. DUH!
This is a mixture of various type of mushroom.
What can I say? I love my shrooms!
Chicken legs. Packed full of collagen.
So yeah... Ladies, go drown yourself in it.
We went for a show. Something magical, something acrobatic. A group who named themselves Freeze 2. The show starts at 9p.m. No photos of the show but here, a photo of the tickets:
There's 1.5 hours to spare between end of dinner and the show. We went to have some Gui Ling Gao.
Stuff on the spoon? Diluted honey.
At the end of the show, both of us went to Bubbles & Bites for some quick bites.
Cheesecake with some cotton candy at the side.
Don't ask me why the weird presentation.
Verdict: Not bad but a tad sweet for me.
Ms. JH's brother told us that their Tiramisu is lovely. So is their Carborana Penne. We went there thrice and thrice we didn't get to taste their Tiramisu. Yes, it's THAT popular.
A shame though as their service sucks! First, getting their attention is tough even though there's plenty of staff with not many customers. Second, our blueberry tart never arrive despite finishing our cheese cake. Third, the staff wasn't apologetic at all! Not even a sorry. My face was black, hers was just as pitch black! Atrocious!
What to do when a woman is darn pissed? Retail therapy. Ha ha...
Bought diffusers enough to last for a year.
Yes, I'm KS like that.
Smell of lavendar. Lovely.
Retails for RM39.90 for 200ml
So that rounded up Day 1!
Dreamy C

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