Saturday 24 November 2012

Bellabox - November 2012

1 month passes so quickly. It's time to show you what the content is in Bellabox for this month which was received just a couple of days back.

It reads:
Bliss has a different definition to everyone, be it travelling, settling down with a good book or soaking in the tub. Here at bellabox, we liken bliss to looking and feeling beautiful.
We start off this blissful transformation by taking care of your hair and giving you beautiful and healthy locks. Troubled skin receives the proper pampering and treatment for flawless looking skin. Finally, we highlight your features with makeup products that are included in the bellabox.
Let this month's bellabox take you on your journey to bliss. Look great and feel good today with the November box!
These are what I got...
O.P.I. Expert Touch Lacquer Remover
What it says on the card:
It removes even the darkest nail polish colour easily.
It has a non-drying formula that keeps the cuticles soft and supple.
30ml retails for $7
Davines OI/Oil
What it says on the card:
The Davines OI/Oil is a multi-purpose styling treatment oil that can be used on both damp and dry hair. The anti-frizz formula is great for detangling while giving extraordinary shine and softness to the hair.
50ml retails for $38
Soapberry's Nature's Gift Cleansing Bar
What it says on the card:
Soapberry's Nature's Gift Cleansing Bars, in 28 varieties, are made from vegetable oils and essential oils. They do not contain foaming agents, preservatives and other chemicals, making them all-natural and gentle even on sensitive skin. Enjoy the goodness of nature in these yummy-looking bars today!
100gm retails for $5
Cyber Colours Gemstones Silky Gloss
What it says on the card:
Available in 10 different shades, the Cyber Colours Gemstones Silky Gloss is enriched with Vitamin E to provide long lasting hydration. It also contains floral honey to help moisturise and reduce fine lines on the lips.
Retails for $18.90
Storyderm Silk Mask
What it says on the card:
E.G.F. or Epidermal Growth Factor is the rate at which skin cell regenerates. The E.G.F. Face Mask aids in cell regeneration and is developed to deeply moisturize and condition the skin.
Retails for $19.90
This is on complimentary I suppose.
A chain I think
Soon, I will review them...
Dreamy C

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