Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Wednesday, 16.07.2014

Lunch appointment with a supplier in Tuas yesterday. Venue was called D'Hub (Designer Hub). There's a good range of cuisine, Western, Chinese, Japanese just to name a few. Decent food at decent prices.

Salmon Sashimi for J
He always goes for the same type of food when it comes to Japanese

Ponzu Salmon for me
Pretty nice...

Chasoba for me. J had rice

Both J & I had the same thing which is Chicken Teriyaki which is yummy...

Designer Hub is a nice place. Pity it's in Tuas. We hardly go there... =(

This has been a really exciting week for me so far. My order from Pretty Pink Posh arrived last night and I was jumping for joy when I saw the box. =)

Twill Ribbons


Another Die

Lots of Sequins

Close-up of the top right corner ones...

A freebie!!!

I must say I got right into using the sequins after I filmed a video on it.
I made 2 cards!

Floating/Flying Bunny


I must say I'm in love with my items.
Incidentally, my Squatty Potty arrived earlier this week.
The same with my Scotch Mounting Tape purchased from Amazon. =)

What's a Squatty Potty? Well, go type it in Google and check it out.
I've constipation so it comes in handy.
I tried it for the 1st time this morning and I must say it helped get me into the rhythm of getting things rolling. Ha ha...

Have a great mid-week peeps!

Dreamy C

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