Monday 14 July 2014

Monday, 14.07.2014

Saturday morning, I went for my 7.14 a.m. Prayer Meeting held at the church. I didn't sleep well the night before. I also woke up an hour earlier than I really need to. As a result, I was lethargic and tired. I went to the church anyway. I thought this would be my last visit. However, I was so wrong. At the end of the prayer meeting, I felt refreshed! I attribute this gift to God. =) He is just amazing!!!

After church, I went to catch a movie - Maleficent. I bought the ticket on Friday as I know how my day for Saturday will be like. Angelina Jolie's a good actress but a Sleeping Beauty movie will always be a Sleeping Beauty movie no matter how you twist the story line. As such, I rate this as worthy for a weekday but not for a weekend ticket price. What's a movie which is worth the weekend price like? Take Transformers: Age of Distinction for example! Now, that's a movie I would pay a weekend price with gladness!

After church, I went to MTH. Some of the items which I've ordered previously, have arrived. Well, I managed to pick up a few more items which I got through browsing around the shop. You know how women can be. Give them some time in a shop and they end up with a few basketful of stuff. Ha ha... Let me first show you the items which I got from browsing around.

Next few photos are the ones ordered previously.

I ordered 5 of these but only 2 came.
Hence, there's still 3 pending. =)

There's a story behind this item.
I called asking for opinions. I wanted to get some embossing powder but I don't know which brand to go for. AC Zing or Wow? Well, this lady said most of her customers love Zing but she's the odd one out. She's now giving out her Zing powders as she doesn't like how it turns out. I just happen to be 1 of the lucky ones! She offered this to me free of charge! =)

So that about sums up my Saturday.

Sunday was the same routine - Get up, go to church, home for lunch.
I spent the rest of the day doing Hari Raya cards and a card for a friend. I made a friend while I was in MTH! Always good to have people who loves doing the things you love. =) 

Well, I'm now waiting patiently for my parcel from PPP to arrive. I believe it should be here tomorrow but I'll do a check later to confirm. =)

Breakfast was Salami Sandwich.
It will be packed lunch today as I took my lunch for breakfast. 
Dinner will be taken out of the house as well since I've BSF today.

I hope you have a GREAT Monday! I'm going to see what movies I can watch this weekend. >.<

Dreamy C

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