Monday 7 July 2014

Monday, 07.07.2014

Friday night, I met Mom for dinner. We had it at a coffeeshop near her home.

Pork Ribs - Lovely!

Sambal Kang Kong - Nice!

Assam Fish Head - Half a fish, not enough.
Next time round, I'll get a bigger fish.

It's nice being with Mommy again after a couple of weeks. I'm sorry she didn't enjoy her trip but well, it's worth it as it enabled her to see who her 'true' friends are. =)

A busy weekend for me. I left home late on Saturday.
First, I went to MTH with the intention to pick up some of the items which I've ordered and paid. I end up purchasing a few more items there. >.< I got myself the following:

  1. Lawn Fawn Stamp - Starry Background
  2. My Favorite Things Die - Pierced Rectangle
  3. My Favorite Things Die - Upper case Alphabets
  4. My Favorite Things Die - Numerals
  5. We R Memory Keeper - Envelope Punch Board
  6. VersaMagic Pigment Ink - I can't remember the name but it's a blue
I believe that's all I purchased. You can watch the YouTube video HERE.

Thereafter, I took bus 105 to Commonwealth MRT where I switched to bus 195 which brought me to a bus stop which is opposite Queensway SC. By that time, it's 2 plus in the afternoon. I was starving as I didn't take any breakfast to begin with. =( I went straight to get my papers cut and was told that they charge a dollar per cut. I said I inquired a couple of days ago and a guy (I gave them his name) quoted me 50 cents per cut. As such, they honored their word and charged me 50 cents per cut! =) I then went for my lunch while waiting for them to get the job done. There's 2 x stalls there which sells good laksa. 

I ordered a bowl of laksa - medium sized. Then, a lady who looks like she's in her late 30's sat beside me and we started conversing. God must have placed her there for me to befriend her at the right timing. Why do I say that? She's a follower of Jesus Christ, a step-mom and have a few similarities with me. I thank God for placing her there to comfort me. =) We started talking for so long that we were being 'chased' away by the stall owner. Ha ha... We exchanged numbers and agreed to meet up 1 day to talk more. Such a blessing.

By the time I was done, it's 4 plus and I still had to go to Liang Court as Meidi-Ya is there. I took bus 195 from the same bus stop which got me straight to Liang Court. I bought the following:
  1. Prawns specially for Tempura
  2. Ikura
  3. Chasoba
  4. Sake
  5. Tempura Sauce
  6. Silken Tofu
I got S to get some mushroom and radish for me. =) By the time I got home, it was nearing dinner time. I didn't join J to send the kiddos back as I was dead tired by then. 

Come Sunday, I handed the 40 Day 2014 books to my girlfriends after church service. I took an extra copy just in case I bump into someone who needs it. It turned out that the 'someone' was a lady I knew from our church camp! =) After church service, both J & I went to buy bread and headed home thereafter. 

I was busy preparing food for Hippo. =) I do apologize for lack of photo as I was so busy and I've totally forgotten to take photos. Such a pity! Well, next time then... I did take a photo of the drink I drank... >.<

Taste? Nothing special...

Hippo liked the meal and I'm glad she did. I bought 2 x slices of cakes for dessert from Podi but Hippo didn't want to have them. In the end, I had them while watching a movie with J at home.

Matcha Cake - Nothing special.
Will not buy again.

Some chocolate banana cake. Can't remember the name.
Lovely! The liquid only appears after many hours in the fridge.
Next time, I'll get it and eat it straight away. =)

Hippo bought some pudding on her way over. How sweet... She bought them from Star Vista and I must say they are really lovely... These, I did take photos. >.<

Strawberry Pudding which Hippo took.
I had a scoop and it was lovely!

I took this - Blueberry Pudding.

Chocolate Pudding which J took.
I tasted some leftovers and this was also lovely!

Mango Pudding
Having tasted the first 3 puddings, this one doesn't taste as good. >.<

I also showed Hippo my art stuff and she loves it! =)

Well, that's how my weekend looked like... Busy, busy, busy!!!

Before I go, I would like to show you an adorable birthday card I made. 

The only thing I added after capturing this photo is some shimmer on the balloons. I hope the recipient likes it! =)

Have a blessed Monday! BSF starts again! Whoo hoo...

Dreamy C

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