Wednesday 25 June 2014

Wednesday, 25.06.201

Once an usher, always an usher. Ok I'm too serious now... Ha ha... I've just asked to volunteer as an usher for the GoForth Mission Conference which will take place at church - Trinity @ Paya Lebar. The event begins on 09th July and ends on 11th July 2014. I've volunteered to usher on the 10th July as that's the only available date. The event ends at 10 p.m. but I've requested to leave at 9 p.m. I'm now waiting to see if that's alright. Otherwise, I can't usher then. We'll see...

Breakfast today was 02 x toast with Nutella spread.
Lunch will be Salmon Sandwich.

When was the last time you ate Nutella? For me, nutella isn't fixed item in my fridge. Butter is.
I recently bought 02 x bottles of nutella to make some nutella cheesecake. Well, I didn't get around to making a big one but I made 02 x cups of Nutella Cheesecake and it was yummy though a bit sweet. =)
I ate 1 last night and couldn't finish it as it was too rich. The layer of nutella cheese was too thick. I ended up throwing half the portion.
I gave the other cup to my neighbor this morning. I've been giving them bread, cupcakes etc. to our neighbor.
The next thing I would like to try and make are Durian Puffs. Well, durian is in season now. What better way to make durian puffs, durian mousse cake etc. I luuurrrvvveee durians! =)
I've obtained the recipe. All I need now are some whisky, rum and gelatin. Yummy...
I intend to make some puffs for Hippo next Sun when she visits for lunch. Lucky girl... Ha ha...
Nutella Truffles is also on my 'To Do' list. =)
So many things to make, so few mouths available to finish them up. That's why neighbors come in handy...

We will have the kiddos over earlier this Friday provided their mother agrees to it. We've yet to get an answer from her. I'm thinking of bringing them to catch a movie - Dragon 2. Boy I love that creature named Toothless. If we're able to have them earlier, I can't spend my evening with them as I'm going to church for a Prayer Meeting. This takes place once a month and I've made a commitment to myself that I'll go for every month, after the church camp. I'm so happy I managed to get Se to come with me. =) She's a new friend I met during camp - wonderful gift from God. =)

Well, that's about all I have for you today...
Stay well...

Dreamy C

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