Thursday 26 June 2014

Thursday, 26.06.2014

The thought of a bowl of hot prawn noodles soup crossed my mind and it has been in my mind for a good 10 minutes. I'm frequently thinking of food. 

Yesterday before leaving the office, my fellow neighbors told me about the Black Pearl Durian. I'm not sure exactly what that is but apparently, it has really small seeds which meant more flesh. Yummy... It's bittersweet according Ah Cat. I had wanted to go ask my fruit seller if they have that but I realised that I didn't have enough cash with me and J isn't at my side. Local fruit sellers don't accept NETS or credit cards. It'll be really amusing if they ever accept those forms of payment. Ha ha...

No durians? I went home to make myself some Nutella Truffles. Simple and easy to make. I shall post a photo on my Instagram. I made a total of 04 x small containers. Each container holds around 6 - 7 truffles. I gave some to our neighbors in the office and they said it's not bad. I also gave 1 to our neighbor back in J's home. Now, there's 2 x containers left back in J's home. I told S to give some to the kiddos when they come over tomorrow. Their mother finally replied saying J can have them tomorrow morning. If I were to make the truffles the next time, I would add some rum in and include in some hazelnuts...

Breakfast was a bowl of Tom Yum instant noodles with 2 x crab sticks.
Lunch will be rice with sambal okra and tumeric chicken drumstick.

Dinner at my Aunt's place this Sun has been cancelled. Hence, I've asked Hippo if she wanna come over for lunch this Sun instead of next Sun. I really need to buy some Japanese ingredients. =) So excited...

Well, that's all for me today.
Wishing you a fantastic Thursday!

Dreamy C

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