Tuesday 24 June 2014

Tuesday, 24.06.2014

We brought the kiddos out for Pizza last Friday. Thereafter, we brought them to Toys R Us where they had a blast! I was happy too as I got some cats and dogs stickers for my 2 x Finsbury.
After that, we brought them to Kinokuniya where J got a couple of recipe books and I got a book. I'll talk about it once I'm done reading it. I've not even started!
When that's done, we were all drained out. We went to TCC for a boost. I didn't take photos of all the stuff that we ordered.

Handsome ordered this which he shared with Fatty - Coffee Semifreddo

First Born ordered this as he's sick and shouldn't be eating anything chocolaty - Lemon Cheesecake

Other than these, J had a black coffee, First Born had hot cappuccino, Handsome & Fatty had iced cappuccino, 1 each and I had some floral tea.
Handsome, Fatty & I had a scoop of chocolate ice-cream each and J had a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. First Born? Nothing other than the Lemon Cheesecake.

That was my Friday. Saturday was spent at home, Sunday as well.

Whoo hoo... Mommy's back from her holiday in ZhangJiaJie. She's back since yesterday evening. I now hand the responsibility of feeding Horlick & clearing his waste back to her. =)
Through the many days of feeding Horlick & clearing his waste, he has grown to be kinder to me. He also used his head to stroke my legs often. Marking his territory perhaps? Ha ha... Anyway, he's a cute boy, though aggressive towards me most of the time. =(

My cheeky boy - Horlick (photo captured with my S5)

I bought 2 x durians home yesterday evening. I ate some during our church camp and have been craving for it since. Liu lian, liu lian, wo ai ni! =) Such a lovely fruit! It's not called the King of Fruits for nothing! Not many is able to appreciate it due to it's pungent smell. My cousin is one of them. Well, I''m glad J loves it. He whacked 1 entirely to himself! Ha ha... I'll buy some again this Sunday for Mommy to enjoy...
I'm thinking of buying some Mangosteens home today after work. We'll see...

Breakfast today was sushi made by S. I had it late, say around 11 a.m. More like brunch than breakfast.
I believe my lunch will be around 3 p.m. I intend to go downstairs and pack myself a packet of Ginger Onion Pork Rice. Yummy...
I've no idea what's for dinner.

I just invited Hippo for lunch next Sunday. I'm going to cook her a Japanese lunch comprising of Chasoba, some Tempura & Miso Soup. I'm also thinking of making some salmon sushi and other types of sushi. We'll see... I'm so excited! I'll definitely have photos on my blog when it happens!

I'll do a separate entry on the hotel we stayed in for our church camp.
Until then, you guys take good care...

Dreamy C

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