Tuesday 10 June 2014

Tuesday, 10.06.2014

I am still very much alive and kicking... Ha ha...

I was just browsing around YouTube last night and I found out what has happened to the world for the month of May which is just last month - weather wise.
I was shocked! Please note that I'm not one who watches news. What I'm about to say here might be yesterday's news for you but to me, it's still very new. Call me a mountain tortoise if you like...

Earthquakes, floods, droughts, hail, fog, thick dust, dead anchovies, dead fishes, dead birds, tornadoes, ground collapse, forest fires etc. All these - MASSIVE! I guess I should start watching news again... =( The only reason I do not like watching it is 'cos it's nothing but bad news. Deaths here, wars there, strikes here, cruelty there etc.

This is the week where the kiddos are staying over. We're going to bring them to go watch a movie - Blended later this afternoon. Thereafter, it's dinner at Sakae Sushi.
Tomorrow, we will bring them to Forest Adventure @ Bedok.
Come Thursday, we will bring them to town for lunch (pizza). Thereafter, we will go to Toys R Us and just hang around town area.
Friday? Nothing planned out yet. We'll probably bring them for a swim. I want to bring them to this public swimming pool which is awesome! It's in between Chinese Garden and Lakeside MRT. The locals will know which one I'm talking about. J however, don't have the appetite to travel and prefer swimming somewhere nearby. BORING~~~ His reasoning? It's the school holidays and if the swimming pool is so awesome, it'll be crowded. -_____-lll You can't be serious... It's the school holidays and you want to bring them out and yet your concern is whether it's crowded?! I say ditch that reasoning and LET US ALL GO DOWN TO THE AWESOME SWIMMING POOL!!! Yah-hoo...

I can't believe the church camp is drawing near... It's THIS Sun! Ha ha... Looking forward? Yes! I would like to know more people from my congregation! =)

Well, that's how my week will be like... I might blog about it when the opportunity arises. Else, you know what I'll be doing on any particular day...

Ciao! Have a fantastic week people!

Dreamy C

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