Friday 30 January 2015

What I had for Lunches in Week 5

A recap...

This is what I had for lunch on Monday, 26th Jan.
Black Bean & Corn Salsa, Balsamic Chicken & Quinoa cooked in chicken stock!
Best lunch so far... No kidding...
As for my snack, it's a banana.

I had Wholemeal Spaghetti with Black Bean & Corn Salsa (I love this thing man...) 
for lunch on 27th Jan, Tuesday.

I made Granola Bars (Cranberries & Apple) in the evening of 26th Jan, Monday.
I had a piece of this as my snack on 27th Jan, Tuesday. Yummy... Not too sweet too! ^^

Come 28th Jan, Wednesday, my lunch is the same as what I had on 26th Jan i.e. Black Bean & Corn Salsa, Balsamic Chicken & Quinoa cooked in chicken stock. My snack was however slightly different. See photo below:

My yummy Cranberry & Apple Granola crumbs with Light Greek Yogurt
It's light greek yogurt 'cos the helper bought the wrong one. I usually take the standard version and somehow, I don't know for what reason, she bought the light version.

My lunch on 29th Jan, Thursday
This is Quinoa with Smoked Paprika Salmon and Black Bean & Corn Salsa
Taste good... Love salmon with smoked paprika. My 1st!

Snack was Light Greek Yogurt with Cranberry & Apple Granola Crumbs!

Lunch for 30th Jan, Friday is the same as the one on 29th Jan, Thursday.
I did however make some Hummus last night 
and so for my snack today, it's Hummus with Carrot Sticks! Photo below:

I did add some Cayenne powder on my Hummus today.
Chickpeas has lots of fibre which is good for me...

This more or less sums up what I had for weekdays.
Come weekend, I give my body a rest and go with what my helper cooks at home.
Weekends is also the time I have a few meals away from home. ^^
I'm going to include in exercise (walking for an hour) in my daily routine come February 2015.

My weight is at 63 kgs and % of fats is 34.1.
I'll see how much I can lose in the next month and will blog about it!

Have a great weekend peeps!

Dreamy C

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