Monday 26 January 2015

2nd Parcel from iHerb

This time round, I opted for 2 x deliveries. This way, I pay USD8 for both shipments as compared to USD20 over for 1 shipment. The only downside is that they arrive at different times. 
As there'a a few days gap between my orders, the different arrival dates don't matter to me. Let's dive down to it shall we? ^^ Reward Code: HPW978

Dried Apples and Dried Mangoes are for my Granola Bars.
Dried Pineapple is for my helper to munch on since she commented that she ever eaten and liked dried pineapple. ^^ She like that this isn't sweet.
I do like these from Made in Nature. Sadly, NTUC only stock up on prunes which isn't my favourite fruit. Hence, I got to get them from iHerb. =)

My cousin said that Chub Chub loves these so much. Hence, I decided to get some for my neighbour's young boy.
These are yogurt melts and I got them in Mixed Berry & Strawberry.

This I got as I wanted to make some wholemeal bread.
I didn't expect it to be such a huge packet. (I've honestly no sense on weight)

This Quinoa is a repeat order.
I love it! My only complain - Too small a package.

Bought this to make hummus.

Bought this as the cousin raved about it.
Smells nice...

All right... As usual, if you don't like to read all about it, then view it below:

I shall blog about the 3rd parcel when it arrive in the next few days.

Have a great Monday peeps!

Dreamy C

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