Thursday 22 January 2015

Lunch @ Sushi Tei (Vivo City Outlet)

I must say we eat pretty much the same stuff be it at Brotzeit or Sushi Tei.
J & I went to Sushi Tei on Sunday, 18th January 2015.
He seems to have a liking towards the Rainbow Roll and a craving he sure has!

My Starter

J's Starter
There's a story behind this. He loves this Rainbow thingy so much, he asked me to order another set for myself. I told him I cannot possibly finish it myself. He said he'll help me with 1/2 of my portion. In the end, I finished it all by myself not because I love it so much but because he's too full to do as he promised. >.<

J's Main - Beef Curry Rice

My Main along with Teriyaki Chicken shown below.

Pretty standard dishes if you'd ask me. We are such predictable people... ^^

Have a great one peeps!

Dreamy C

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