Wednesday 12 November 2014

Sunday, 09.11.2014

It was a fulfilling Sunday for me.

We went for lunch at Brotzeit after church.
No photos here as I almost eat the same stuff everytime I go there.
I had french onion soup as my starter & spicy sausages as my main.
I did however change my mash potato for my main, to caramelized onion. I luuurrrvvveee caramelized onion! Yum yum...

I bought a small packet of popcorn in Corn Cheese from Garrett for myself and a small packet of Corn Cheese with Caramel Crisp for First Born.

After lunch, we went to Smiggle where I got J to buy me a small 'pouch' which I'll use to put my stationery. Love it! First Born got something which he will attach on his wallet.

Thereafter, we went to MUJI where I got quite a few items, mainly food.
I got a couple of beverages and some snacks.
I also got a packet of Curry Chicken for J to try. He loves Japanese Curry Rice...

Last stop - kiki.K!
I didn't get much for myself except for a couple of diary stickers.
First Born got a journal, a pen and refills for that.

Speaking of diary stickers, I'm thinking of getting a Midori Traveler's Notebook for myself to kick start Year 2015. After doing much research, I decided to go with the Midori instead of so many faux Midori in the market. Frankly speaking, the cover ain't cheap to begin with but I found a place in Singapore which sells it! Meaning, I don't have to pay for shipment and most importantly, I don't have to wait for it to arrive! Go google Little Man and you'll find the store. It's located at 7C Binjai Park, Singapore 589821. I gave them a call (T: 6464 6515) and was told that the covers for regular size will arrive end Nov, early Dec. Great timing for a b'day gift for myself! ^^ It cost around SGD68 for a regular size and SGD52.50 for a passport size.

I'm feeling really excited...

Have a great mid-week!!!

Dreamy C

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